Home and Away

No I am not talking about the Australian soap opera, more about that I have been away as much as at home since my last blog.

I love my job, I love travelling but it can be tiring being away from home so much. Since I wrote my last blog which was at the end of August I have been at 4 exhibitions in 3 coutnries on two continents and am currently away again and writing this in Oilville, Virginia, USA (you can see my current view above) where I am visiting with one of my customers.

So why do I like travelling so much, no two days are the same and I love new experiences and new challenges. Travel is the ideal place to test yourself. I always quote the old adage 'travel broadens the mind' which is very true, in my job there are always new challenges and new experiences to be had.

So what is business travel, it is not, despite what I am constantly being accussed of, a holiday. It is the opportunity to meet suppliers, customers or clients to show them that they are appreciated by making a personal visit. A handshake followed by a face-to-face chat is still the best way to meet and get to know someone

A personal visit to meet a supplier allows you not just to meet the people personally but to make sure they have the capabilities and facilities required. In this day and age you all need to ensure the conditions are right for their workers, this cannot be done via Skype or email.

Attending exhibitions, conferences and meetings are essential to broaden both your network of contacts and establish or understand the local conditions for your business.

So why do we travel for business? Is it because it is cost effective, yes. Is it that being physically present at another location you can usually do work that is more effective, yes. You get to see things with your own eyes therby getting a better overall picture and the reason I enjoy doing it, it is motivational.


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